‘I am alright’: Rajinikanth after injury on Bear Grylls’ ‘Man vs Wild’ shooting at Bandipur

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After reports of megastar Rajinikanth being injured on the shoots of ‘Man vs Wild’ started doing rounds on social media, the actor on Tuesday night confirmed that he has not faced any major injury and was doing alright. While returning to Chennai, the actor was encountered by the media at Chennai Airport, where he assured the public that he had not received any severe wounds during the shooting of ‘Man vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls. As quoted by ANI, the actor said, "I have finished the shooting of an episode of ‘Man vs Wild’. I have not received any wounds but just scratches due to little thorns, that’s it. I am alright."

According to earlier reports, superstar Rajinikanth had twisted his ankle while shooting for an episode of the ace adventurer Bear Grylls’ show ‘Man vs Wild’. The shooting took place on Tuesday at the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in the southern state of Karnataka. Forest officials told media that Rajinikanth had lost his balance during the shooting leading to a twist in his ankle and minor bruises on his hand. The official later said that the actor was doing well.

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While returning from Mysore, the actor met reporters at Chennai Airport and confirmed that he had suffered minor injuries due to the thorns in the forest at the shooting spot in Bandipur. Officials told PTI that the forest department had put forward certain conditions while permitting for the shooting to take place. The conditions were such that filming had to be done at one’s own risk and the crew was not allowed to use any explosives or inflammable materials.

Rajinikanth is the second high profile Indian figure to have appeared on Bear Grylls’ ‘Man vs Wild’ that features on Discovery Channel. Previously, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made his appearance on the show in August 2019.