I was always my own biggest critic: Lampard

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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard (File photo)
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard (File photo)

London [UK], November 16 (ANI): Chelsea manager Frank Lampard said that he has been his own "biggest critic" as he stressed that one has to take responsibility of the mistakes made to get better.

"One thing I've seen in football, from being a young man trying to make it playing to now managing, is a kind of blame culture. I hear it a lot. Part of the way I am is that I never want to look at things that way," the club's official website quoted Lampard as saying.

"As a player, it was very easy to look at it and say it was the back four's fault or I'll blame the strikers because they didn't finish my chances. But generally, I'm always looking at myself. I was always my own biggest critic. On the pitch and off the pitch, I, of course, made loads of mistakes, but if you want to get better you have to take responsibility," he added.

Lampard also reflected on his managerial philosophy. "It's of upmost importance to me as a manager and it's a message that you really have to drill home because it's very easy when you're a coach or a manager and you've been there and had your career and you know you made a million mistakes when you sit at the top of the tree, or in my office at Chelsea, not to think like the 21-year-old who's making those mistakes you made and just think you're above it," he said.

In the 2019-20 season of the Premier League, Chelsea finished on the fourth position with 66 points, only behind Manchester United (66), Manchester City (81), and Liverpool (99).

Chelsea, in the ongoing season, are placed on the fifth spot with 15 points from eight games. The team will next take on Newcastle on November 21. (ANI)