I Always Knew I Wanted to Act in ‘Pushpavalli’: Sumukhi Suresh

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Sumukhi Suresh, a comedian, writer and actor, has multiple fanny stand-ups to her name and now her show Pushpavalli, an Amazon Prime Original, is running its second season. The show revolves around the lead Pushpavalli (Sumukhi Suresh) who moves cities for a boy and we say move, she moves to stalk him. Sumukhi’s character is hopelessly obsessed with Nikhil (Manish Anand).

The Quint spoke with Sumukhi Suresh about how she came up with the idea of the character and if she always had plans to act in the show.

"“A lot of it happened on the set. Debbie Rao, the director of the show had confidence in how Pushpavalli, as a character, would pan out. Pushpavalli is not  a funny person, but we relied on my reactions in a situation.”" - Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi says she always wanted to act in the series. “I am done with playing the supporting role. Those are the kind of roles that come to me and I also get bored easily as a person. So I knew I wanted to act in this,” she says.

Sumukhi also says that she had her apprehensions about how the show will do considering the announcement of lockdown all over the country due to the outbreak of coronavirus. She says she was in the last leg of marketing when the announcement was made and it did come as a shock to her.

Now while at home, Sumukhi says she’s in the process of writing three more shows so she can utilise the time. She’s also taking this time to brush up her writing skills.

Talking about the lockdown, she says she is grateful that she can sustain this. “I know there was a time in my life when if something like this would have happened, I would have had a hard time,” says Sumukhi.

Season 2 of Pushpavalli is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and watch the video for more.

Video Editor: Ashish Maccune

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