The Alphabets of Latin America by Indian poet gets translated, published in Italian

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The Italian edition of the book carries a foreword by Italian author David Tozzo.
The Italian edition of the book carries a foreword by Italian author David Tozzo.

Antananarivo, [Madagascar] June 27 (ANI): The Alphabets of Latin America, a collection of poems penned by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K., which paints a poetic portrait of Latin America, has been translated and published in Italian.

The book has been translated into Italian by a noted Italian translator Angela D'Ambra and published by the Rome based publisher Edizioni Efesto.

The book has 108 poems on various places, monuments, personalities, flora and fauna, festivals, cuisine, landscapes, mythologies of Latin America, arranged in alphabetical order from A-Z.

Forest Gander, Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry, writes about the book --"The Alphabets of Latin America is welcomingly strong. Abhay K. has a great sense of lineation, of understatement, of memorable, very particular images, and of manuscript structure. I also am moved by the way he can subtly use the elements of a place--the dream vision of Tenochtitlan (which was founded on a dream-vision) or the Borgesian paradox of looking for Borges and finding mirror reflections of the self."

"I love the way this abecedarian works and shifts between short and longer poems, refreshing our rhythms constantly...It is a very original and thrilling book--a book that opens the borders of time and place, which is what seems so necessary now in this epoch of nationalist entrenchment and paranoia," he added.

The Italian edition of the book carries a foreword by Italian author David Tozzo.

Abhay K. is the author of ten poetry collections, most recently of _The Magic of Madagascar_, and the editor of The Bloomsbury Book of Great Indian Love Poems, CAPITALS, The Bloomsbury Anthology of Great Indian Poems and New Brazilian Poems.

His poems have been published in several literary journals including Poetry Salzburg Review and Asian Literary Review. His 'Earth Anthem' has been translated into over 120 languages.

He has received SAARC Literary Award 2013 and was invited to record his poems at the Library of Congress, Washington DC in 2018. His forthcoming book-length poem is titled _Monsoon_. (ANI)

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