The Allianz Explorer Camp Football Edition Asia soars to new heights in 2019

Youngsters from eight different nations were enthralled and inspired by the presence of Ivica Olić as the four-day Allianz Explorer Camp Football Edition Asia 2019 came to a successful wrap in Singapore.

The FC Bayern and Croatia legend was on hand to supervise training as brand ambassador of the Allianz Explorer Camp Football Edition Asia 2019 and the former striker was left thoroughly impressed by what he witnessed in Singapore.

“I have already seen various qualities from kids from different nations. It is a unique experience for me and I am very happy to be a part of it,” Olić remarked.

The Explorer Camp is an initiative by Allianz which aims to bring together teenagers from around the world and pushes them to discover their true potential by cultivating new skills, mindsets and confidence.

It is a part of Allianz ’s commitment to unearth the leaders of the next generation through a series of activities on and off the pitch that exalt the ‘explorer spirit’ among the youngsters of the world.

The Asia edition of the camp in Singapore saw the young explorers indulge in a plethora of activities including a chance to try their hands at the exciting Drone Racing League (DRL) . They were provided with the opportunity to experience Singapore’s latest wonder – The Jewel at Changi Airport while they also participated in an inter-cultural night to promote the spirit of diversity.

On the football pitch, the teenagers were trained under the watchful eye of Ivica Olić and other renowned coaches from FC Bayern who are the official partners of the initiative by Allianz . The budding footballers were put through their paces across the four days with an equal emphasis placed on tactical, physical and technical training.

For aspiring strikers, there couldn’t have been a better teacher to learn from with Olić carving his identity as one of the most clinical finishers in the business during his heydays for FC Bayern and Croatia.

The Croatian provided the youngsters with a complete masterclass where he shared his mantras and guide to becoming a top football player. Above all things, Olić urged the explorers to completely dedicate themselves towards their passion for football.

“If you want to compete at the highest level – not just for strikers but players of off positions, my advice would be to give your 100 percent in every training,” said Olić .

“Listen to everything your coaches say and adapt to that. If you keep persevering, then one day you can become a professional footballer.”

Inspired by Olić ’s message, Allianz gave selected participants from the Asia Camp a further opportunity to spread their wings by attending the final camp in Munich recently where they were joined by 50 other inspiring explorers from 23 nations across the world.

It was a dream come true for the starry-eyed teenagers who trained at Bayern ’s historic Saebener Strasse training ground where they were greeted by none other than Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcântara .

“This experience was more than just about football,” said young Muhammad Firdaus Amirrudin from Malaysia.

“It was about learning to be in the moment and being able to try thing outside your comfort zone. I tried surfing for the first time in my life, made some new friends, and even picked up some new words in German and Polish! I just loved every second of it,” he added.

Young Firdaus is one of the many kids and future leaders of tomorrow whose dreams have been given wings by Allianz ’s now 10-year old Explorer Camp initiative and he most definitely won’t be the last.

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