This is the Alleged Cost of Making the OnePlus 7 Pro Smartphone

Everybody knows that OnePlus 7 Pro is company’s most expensive smartphone to date, with the top variant costing Rs 58,999. But that’s not the overall cost of manufacturing the phone for the company.

In fact, every year, we see the actual cost of making a Samsung Galaxy phone or the Apple iPhones turning out to be far less than what the end consumer coughs up.

The same applies for OnePlus, which has to incur high marketing costs, as well maintain a level to get some profit margins out of every device sold.

This week, a leaked document reflects the changes made by the company, and how each component of the phone takes the billing value to just over Rs 22,000, while the end product is selling on shelves – starting from Rs 49K.

This tweet from the handle shows the bill of materials for the OnePlus 7 Pro in Chinese. While it will be hard to verify the source, it’s worth looking into the details given here, which look close to being the prices of smartphone components these days.

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As you can see here, the overall cost of making the OnePlus 7 Pro is coming around $324 or (Rs 22,222 approx). But while taking a closer look at this list, we’ve come across some interesting stats.

Component Costs of OnePlus 7 Pro

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 - $70 (Rs 4,900 approx)
  • 128GB storage - $20 (Rs 1,400 approx)
  • 6GB RAM - $26 (1,820 approx)
  • AMOLED - $80 (Rs 5,600 approx)
  • Triple rear camera - $27 (Rs 1,863 approx)
  • Front pop-up camera - $8.7 (Rs 560 approx)

It’s fairly clear with this list that using a 90Hz Samsung AMOLED screen is the most expensive part of the OnePlus 7 Pro. After that, you have the octa-core Snapdragon 855 processor, followed by the triple rear camera setup and then the DDR4 RAM, going up to 12GB this year.

Most of you might feel that OnePlus is taking buyers for a ride, especially with this alleged cost of making the phone. However, selling a phone doesn’t start or end with the manufacturing of the phone.

Phone brands have to include the cost of readying the software on the device, how much they are going to spend on marketing the product and few more budgetary expenses.

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Putting all this together could have a significant bump on the overall pricing of the product for the consumer, who’ll be picking it up online or offline, depending on what’s available to them.

Apple and Samsung follow a similar strategy, but yes, it’s worth noting that since the launch of OnePlus One for Rs 19K many years back, the brand is now vying for its space in the premium segment, with a product like the OnePlus 7 Pro this year.

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