Aligarh Writer Apurva Asrani Opens Up on Buying a House With Boyfriend Siddhant, Says ‘Wanted to Celebrate a Moment Like a Straight Couple’

Rushabh Dhruv

Bollywood writer, Apurva Asrani recently had taken to his Twitter and announced how he and his partner, Siddhant Pillai have finally bought a house which they can call their own. In his post, he had mentioned that after renting flats as cousins for almost 13 years, their own abode felt really good. The B-townie had shared a picture of the nameplate which read the lovebirds names. From the time Asrani shared the pic, it went viral on the web and the pair received lots of love from fans and fraternity people. Now, talking about this new milestone in his life, Apurva told to Hindustan Times how he wanted to make the LGBTQ+ community to go ahead and realise their dreams. A Love Homed: Apurva Asrani and Boyfriend Siddhant Buy An Abode; Writer Reveals How They Used to Pretend to Be Cousins to Get a House (View Post)

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The Aligarh writer opened his heart out in the conversation and expressed how he and his partner wanted to live like a normal couple. He said, “I simply wanted to celebrate a moment like a straight couple. They celebrate birthdays, weddings, their relationships, etc, which is not the case for the LGBTQ+ couples. Moreover, an image of the names of two men on a nameplate is rare. I didn’t know the tweet would go viral. Sid and I are family and have the blessings of our families. I felt that the world should know that LGBTQ+ are not about boys and girls just having fun but we are about family, too.”

When quizzed about him staying as cousins with his partner for years. He replied, “I am a film editor and a screenwriter, and I am known to people in the film circle and not others. So, while renting apartments one would hope the landlord didn’t know me, so it would help us get the house.”Aligarh Writer Apurva Asrani Shares a Heart-Warming Message for Boyfriend Siddhant Pillai As SC Decriminalizes Homosexuality.

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“Though, I was never afraid that they would find out later. But we have been thrown out of apartments when people realised that we were two guys living together. We didn’t want to worry about such things so we bought a place. I also wanted to inspire others from the LGBTQ+ community to go ahead and realise their dreams," he added. Indeed, such stories need to be part of society as time is changing. Stay tuned!