Aligarh’s lock industry presents an example of religious harmony

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), June 28 (ANI): India has always been a land of peaceful co-existence and a multicultural societal framework. Be it any state, city or territory people of different religions have been residing harmoniously. One such city is Aligarh in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh whose century’s old lock making industry is famous all around the world. Apart from producing world class locks, the industry presents a unique example of communal harmony in the country. Aligarh has a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims and they have been working together since ages to make this industry stronger by the day. Since ages, Hindus and Muslims have thrived together due to their bond of love and their passion for lock-making. This passion has taught them to live together harmoniously. This wave of brotherhood has affected everyone in the city and people of different religions reside together with utmost love and peace. India, home to multiple religions and languages, is known for its diversity. Peaceful coexistence and regard for other religions is an integral part of the Indian ethos. And examples like these only reinforce our beliefs in the secular fabric of our country.

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