Aliens or Baby Owls? Man Shocked after Spotting Spooky-Looking Creatures in Attic

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Aliens have always been a topic of curiosity for a number of people. International Space Agencies have been trying for years to find out about the existence of extra-territorial creatures. While there are certain news and reports, there has been no official confirmation on the existence of aliens.

However, just imagine, how will you feel if you peek into your attic, just to find two alien-like creatures? Scared. Well, something similar happened almost two years ago. Twitter user @DannyDutch has shared a video on social media, and once again created a buzz. He captioned it, “I’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.”

Here’s a look:

While the two creatures might look like aliens, they are actually baby barn owls. With the spooky-looking adaptations, these owls might give a shock of their lifetime to anyone.

The video first surfaced in 2017, when multiple reports stated that the construction workers spotted the birds, known as eastern barn owls, at a site in Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh. Previously, people believed that the creatures shown in the video are aliens. Kevin McGowan, Ornithologist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, told Popular Mechanics, “Baby barn owls are some of the freakiest-looking creatures on Earth. They start off looking kind of freaky and they stay that way until they get fully feathered.”

The resurfaced video has scared the hell out of some people, while others are just surprised at the stark similarity. Here is what they commented: