Alien hunter provides 'proof' of moving alien bases on the moon's surface!

Nupur Jha

A UFO hunter has come up with new evidence about the existence of alien bases on the moon.

He also claimed these alien bases are mobile. The video was posted by him on his official YouTube page secureteam10. 

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NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured these images, most of which show craters and structures, believed to be artificial. These structures were the focus of alien hunters and conspiracy theorists.

According to them, the artificial structures were constructed by aliens and had the potential to move. The lunar surface images were snapped at different times and these figures appeared to have changed their location.

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Two objects were spotted in the images, one of which was a round saucer-shaped craft with a duct-like struture on it.

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The alien hunter uploaded a video, talking about it when the object was seen flying near the moon in an image taken during one of the Appolo moon missions. 

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One of the viewers sent this alien hunter an image in which an identical object could be seen on the lunar surface, which was pretty shocking!

ufo, moon, alien, space, spotted,


The other object, which the alien hunter points out in the video, is a strange triangular structure with sharp edges present on the moon's surface along with various craters. This structure was considered to have formed accidentally.

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But this shape has been missing in recent photos of the moon's surface. The alien hunter attempted to prove the structure was missing using Google Moon and comparing the video with the old image. 

Check out the video to see these bizarre findings yourself:


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