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Ali Asgar On The Kapil Sharma Show: I Get Depressed Whenever I Think About It

Ali Asgar speaks candidly about the fallout with Kapil Sharma.

More commonly known as Dadi in The Kapil Sharma Show once, Ali Asgar is one of the better-known names in the TV industry, and also among the ones who fell out with Kapil Sharma. Recently in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Ali Asgar spoke candidly about his time at The Kapil Sharma Show talking about how he felt about the unfortunate incident which broke the famed group apart.

Ali told the publication that he is saddened by how his time on the show met the end. He said, “Frankly, something very unfortunate happened, I had never thought my stint would end like this. Yes, everything has to end one day, but the way people loved all the characters of the show and looked forward to watch the show every weekend, we hadn’t thought that this would end so soon and in such a manner.

“It is not that I am happy leaving The Kapil Sharma Show, I am equally sad. Whenever, I think about it, I get depressed. It was an unfortunate incident and shouldn’t have happened. I don’t want to reveal what happened and how, as I believe that all of us have good memories and working moments with one another and I don’t want to bring this sour incident up in public,” said Ali. He went on to say he has always been a well wisher of his friend Kapil, and continues to be, “Today also I will say, I was his well-wisher, I am his well-wisher and will always be his well-wisher. I have learnt a lot from him. I wish him a speedy recovery and wish he comes back with a bang.” ALSO READ: Kapil Sharma Blames Sunil Grover For His Alcoholism?

The Kapil Sharma has currently gone off-air, so does Ali think his new show Drama Company can garner all the attention now? “Not just because Kapil Sharma Show has gone off-air, Drama company will do well but it is a new baby. While doing the show too we realise where we are going wrong and what is being liked/disliked by the audience. It needs time. People are now accepting the show than the initial reviews that we had received.”