Alfonso Ribeiro reveals what Carlton Banks would be doing now

Adam Lance Garcia
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It is the unanswered question that has plagued us for nearly a generation: What has Carlton Banks been up to since the end of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

For over two decades, it remained fundamentally unanswered… until now.

We sat down with Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton Banks himself, during his recent press tour for AFV and asked him where he saw his character all these years later:

“I would believe that Carlton today… He would probably be either a lawyer or working his way to being a judge,” Ribeiro replied after some thought. “I think he really would have followed in his father’s footsteps.”

While we were hoping Carlton would have gone on to be a dancer, this does certainly make sense for the straight-laced character. And like his father, we want to believe that Carlton would be a fair judge, above corruption, righting wrongs and fighting the system.

We also learned that Ribeiro kept several of Carlton’s sweaters after the show ended. But before you get your hopes up for a Fresh Prince reunion, Ribeiro explained exactly why he kept them: “I just felt like it would be fun to have them.”

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