Was Alexander Zverev Using His Phone During ATP Finals Loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas? Player Denies

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Alexander Zverev vehemently denied accusations that he was using his phone during his ATP Finals match against Stefanos Tsitsipas on Wednesday. Zverev went down in two sets 3-6, 2-6 against the Greek tennis player at the O2 Arena.

However, Zverev's loss was overshadowed by a video that went viral on social media, which shows the German tennis player appearing to be dabbling with something in his kit bag on the court.

Zverev was seen sitting on the bench between two sets and reaching into his bag to swipe his finger at something. While fans speculated that it could have been his mobile phone, Zverev rejected those claims.

During the press conference after the match, the tennis player insisted that his phone was away in the changing room, adding that it was his water bottle that he was pressing in his bag.

On being asked what it could have been Zverev said, "I mean, a water bottle? Empty water bottle maybe?"

A number of tennis fans took to social media to voice their opinions. While some called Zverev a "cheater" asking for his "ban", others insisted he was "checking his insulin level" and that it was "not a phone".

The ATP and ITF rules do not allow the use of electronic devices during play, unless they have been pre-approved by the tournament supervisor. This is done to prevent match-fixing and any on-court coaching that may help the players.