Alanna Night Miracle Serum and Detox Scrub Review: Say Hello to Healthy, Glowing Skin With these Natural Products

Chethana Prakasan
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Alanna Night Miracle Serum and Detox Scrub Review: Say Hello to Healthy, Glowing Skin  With these Natural Products

Alanna has a range of skincare products made with natural ingredients to make your beauty routine a luxurious experience. We reviewed their Detox Scrub and Night Miracle Serum and here's our verdict.  

Skin problems are common, whether it is summer or winter. It is either too oily or too dry. The complexion changes with the changing weather. It is pure luck if a new pimple doesn’t pop out on the most important days of your life. You usually struggle with which cream, scrub or gel to use without having a breakout. And when you think you have figured out the perfect cream for your skin, a rash or pimples makes its appearance. Apart from the environment, the chemicals in your skincare products can have an adverse effect on your skin. It is advisable to use products made using natural ingredients for those with sensitive skin. There are several companies offering natural beauty products and we got a chance to review a couple of products by Alanna Naturally Beautiful. The products offered by Alanna are handcrafted and made using exquisite natural ingredients. From scrubs to creams to serums, Alanna products are formulated to give you relief from skin issues. These products also restore and rejuvenate your skin. We tried their Detox Scrub and Night Miracle Serum and here’s what we thought about them.

Detox – Body and Face Scrub

Detox scrub

Detox scrub

Price: Rs 350

Ingredients: Green tea, Dead Sea salt, Arabica coffee and caramel

How it looks/ smells: It is amber colored sand with the refreshing, sweet aroma of coffee and caramel.

The aroma of fresh coffee and caramel will awaken your senses when you use it. As per the product description, the scrub is ideal for reduction of cellulite and removal of pigmentation, tan and acne. With natural cleanser, the product brightens the complexion and extracts dirt and oil. We tried it once a week for about a month and found that my skin was smoother and brighter. The caramel, the green tea and the coffee melt as you scrub your skin with the product and this makes it easier for scrubbing. The coarse particle of Dead Sea salt scrubs your skin to remove the dead skin, tan and cellulite. It is perfect to use on your body but can be a little too coarse for your face.

Night Miracle Serum

Night serum

Night serum

Price: Rs 600

Ingredients: Kumkumadi oil, sea buckthorn, sesame oil, daru haldi, nag kesar, chamomile and babchi

How it looks/ smells: It comes in a small bottle with a dropper. The product is a clear, yellow colored liquid with the aroma of sesame oil.

According to the description of the product, Night Miracle Serum reduces oil levels, tightens your skin and un-clogges your skin pores. It contains the healing abilities of daru haldi, nag kesar, chamomile and babchi along with the goodness of kumkumadi oil, sea buckthorn and sesame oil. It helps in reducing fine lines and dark circles. Loaded with antioxidants, the night serum lightens your skin and reduces breakouts. We used it every day for about a month and can say that this is actually a MIRACLE serum. The difference in the skin texture was visible from the very first use. It reduced the pimple marks and other spots on the face and reduced pigmentation. It has SPF 25 to 30 and can be used as a primer in your makeup. Just two drops of the serum are enough for your entire face. Apply the oil and massage until the oil is absorbed by your skin. Even though Night Miracle Serum is a combination of different types of beauty oils, it is non-greasy. You need to massage it into your skin. The serum works its magic at night and you wake up with great skin in the morning. Do try this serum, if you have skin pigmentation or have dry skin. The serum will nourish it and you will have a healthy glow.