Alan Thicke Was Eerily Warned About Heart Problems by the ‘Hollywood Medium’ Just 3 Months Before His Death

Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry gave Alan Thicke a shocking reading just three months before the actor passed away. Thicke sadly died on Dec. 13, 2016, of a ruptured aorta — and eerily enough, Henry had warned him about heart issues. The medium was able to show Thicke’s widow, Tanya, a recording of the reading.

“There’s a man who was very stubborn, who passed away, and he acknowledges dying as a result of this heart problem,” said Henry. “His message is, ‘Don’t be stubborn like I was. And the feeling is like, this is a strong guy, he’s great, he’s lovely, but he was really frustrated by the fact that he neglected this, because this is something that could have been treatable, had we just known about it.”

Things got even creepier when Henry said the spirit was telling him, “And there’s a feeling of, ‘Don’t let you be me … keep this in mind, be proactive in your health, do what I didn’t’ is kind of the message.” 

Thicke’s widow recently revealed that the actor had just passed a physical with flying colors — they were planning to have a baby — so it makes sense that he was a little skeptical. After Henry was done with his reading, Thicke said, “[There’s] no history of heart disease in the family … just not a genetic line that we’ve known of.”

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