Al-Qaeda's Leadership Including Supremo Aiman Al-Zawahiri Residing In Afghan-Pak Border Region

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As per the details in a United Nations (UN) report, a significant part of terrorist outfit Al-Qaeda leadership including the outfit's leader Aiman al-Zawahiri is resident in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, reports Economic Times.

The twelfth report of the UN's Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team which came out yesterday (5 June) also states that al-Zawahiri is "probably alive but too frail to be featured in propaganda". It should be noted that the previous reports of his death due to ill-heath have not been confirmed so far.

The report states that a large number of Al-Qaeda terrorists and other extremist elements aligned with the Taliban are located in various parts of Afghanistan. However, it should be noted that Al-Qaeda's core membership is of non-Afghan origin, primarily consisting of North Africans and the Middle East.

As per the report, Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent operates under the Taliban umbrella from Kandahar, Helmand (notably Baramcha) and Nimruz Provinces of Afghanistan.

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