Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra's success in digital marketing

Srijita Sen
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Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra
Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra

13 Feb 2021: Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra's success in digital marketing

It is evident that there were a lot of difficulties in 2020, but being profitable even during lockdown is something only bright minds could have handled.

Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra achieved huge success with the help of their smart tactics.

It made them become one of the very young and successful digital marketers who helped many brands become profitable.

Achievements: The duo has worked for T-Series and Zee Music

When Akshay, (22) and Batra (21) met on Facebook, they didn't realize their partnership would take them to heights of success. The two have helped various famous celebrities by handling and managing their social media handles, which is, of course, one of the most challenging tasks to do.

They have worked for some popular brands like T-Series and Zee Music.

Success: Urban Goods: The duo's latest launch

They have marketed the music produced by these brands and influenced the entire Bollywood industry's marketing strategies.

Indeed they have given a hint at their future and they plan on taking over the entire Bollywood industry one step at a time.

This is where comes their newest step: The launch of Urban Goods.

Details: What is Urban Goods?

Urban Goods is an innovative merchandising platform that will change the future of e-commerce in India and around the world.

It is a place for YouTubers to sell their merchandise. Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra haven't revealed much about their plans for this incredible platform, but even the big fishes are waiting to see what this dynamic duo has in store.

Statement: Will start with some top Indian content creators: Akshay

The only statement given by Akshay on their new deals and marketing strategies was, "We will start with a few of the top content creators from the country, we won't name them as the deal is in progress, but soon you will get to know."

So, all we have to do is wait as the future of marketing in India rises before our eyes.