Akanksha Puri Slams Paras Chhabra for Lying During Live Interaction with Fans


Popular reality show Bigg Boss 13 might be over but by no means has it become irrelevant. One of the talking points of the show was contestant Paras Chhabra's three year old relationship with actress Akanksha Puri that deteriorated when Paras went inside the BB 13 house. Things got worse after host Salman Khan confronted his bond with housemate Mahira Sharma and Paras publicly bad-mouthed his relationship with Akanksha.

Akanksha and Paras broke up by the end of the show. However, they haven't stopped talking about each other in interviews. In a recent live interaction, Paras had dragged Akanksha saying that their relationship had already deteriorated beforehand. He also said that Akanksha had no idea when he signed the contract for Bigg Boss 13, which made fights between them increase.

However, in a recent interview with SpotboyE, Akanksha said that she went with Paras to the office where the meeting for the show was being held. Saying that Paras lied during his live interaction, she claimed that there would be records of her being present at the office.

Paras had also told repeatedly that Akanksha and his relationship was on the rocks and he had told her that he would be moving on if he found somebody else on the show. Talking about their relationship, Akanksha said, "I am surprised that for something like this he has to lie, that he has to say outside that our relationship was toxic. Yes, he is hyper and gets into arguments but nothing major happened as I’m somebody who has lot of patience and I never used to react much. Also, I have concluded that he might want to portray this way to look more genuine in his next relationship, but like I always said, if it was bad and we were not happy I could have never stretched it for so long. I would always accept that he was good with me and we had very nice memories of our relationship so I don’t want to portray it as toxic or bad. I had a wonderful time with him and will always cherish it.”

Adding that she wanted the whole mud-slinging to stop, Akanksha said, "I hope his series of lies ends here finally. I completely agree that we are poles apart and very different individuals and yes now after staying away from him, even I feel we both will be more happier with our kind of people. So let’s please give this a big full stop and focus on ourselves.”

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