AJ Lee Jokes about CM Punk Returning to WWE Backstage after Fans Ask for Her Comeback Too

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CM Punk's renewed association with WWE following a six-year-hiatus through WWE programming on WWE Backstage has garnered a lot of interest in the wrestling fraternity as well as with wrestling fans.

Not long after Punk made an appearance on WWE Backstage, fans began asking his wife and former Divas Champion AJ Lee to make a return to WWE as well.

Even former WWE superstar Paige replied to those with a comment of her own, writing, "RIGHT?! Thats the first thing I asked!!"

While Lee was quiet throughout the week as fans begged and speculated on her comeback, she decided to take to Twitter on Sunday and post her own views on the speculations -- sort of.

She posted on Twitter, "Been offline. What did I miss?"

WWE on Fox too took to Twitter to post a hilarious comment on it, writing, "Not much."

Days after Punk made the appearance on WWE Backstage, Fox posted a video showing how the former wrestler made his way to the studio and managed to surprise almost everyone there.