Airports to go Paperless, May Soon Link Airlines Database With Aadhaar, Passport Numbers News Desk
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New Delhi, Sep 26: Airports may soon go paperless as the Civil Aviation Ministry has started the work of making link airlines and airports databases with passenger IDs such as Aadhaar and passport numbers.

Now, all you will need is just your mobile phones to board a domestic flight in India.

Aviation Secretary RN Choubey told TOI that once the process takes place, the passengers will be able to use their Aadhaar cards or passport numbers to prove their identities before entering terminals and “will not have to show ID cards”.

He also said that neither a flight ticket or e-ticket will not be needed as the airline database will show the details of the flight the passengers are booked on.

The linked passport will show if the passengers have gone through security gates before being allowed through access gates.

RN Choubey said that the airlines have set up a special unit in Airports Authority of India for giving shape to this 'digi yatra' programme. Airport operators, especially from Bangalore and Hyderabad, are part of this and the ministry will soon know the cost of the project.

A TOI report said that the linked databases will allow the passengers’ access to the boarding gate only closer to the flight departure time.