Airbus partners with HyperVerge to generate intelligence using satellite images

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Bengaluru, Feb 5 (PTI) Airbus announced on Friday it has entered into a partnership with start up HyperVerge to generate intelligence and insights using algorithm that detects changes on satellite images.

'What HyperVerge does is it helps people understand what are the changes that are happening on the ground by looking at satellite imagery,' Siddharth Balachandran, Airbus BizLab Leader, India, told PTI.

This change detection will provide industry-specific insights to facilitate better decision making in various domains such as urban planning, defence and security. The partnership has been entered between OneAtlas, Airbus's geospatial digital platform that delivers satellite images, analytics and services, and the Bengaluru-based startup.

'Assume that you are monitoring the highway development using satellite imagery. When you start looking at a satellite imagery within a span of a month, you will be able to detect what are the changes and what sort of progress is happening using the algorithm that this start up brings into the platform,' Balachandran said.

'It is an algorithm that helps change detection on satellite imagery,' he added. PTI DSP KJ