AirAsia flight makes emergency landing at Kolkata airport after woman threatens to blow up aircraft

Kolkata : An AirAsia flight on Sunday going from Kolkata to Mumbai had to make a mid-air turn and perform an emergency landing after a passenger threatened to blow up the aircraft, officials said.

Reportedly, a 25-year-old woman passenger, Mohini Mondal, who boarded the AirAsia flight I5316, allegedly gave a note to one of the cabin crew after the flight took off and asked the letter to be delivered to the flight captain.

According to the officials, the note allegedly written by her metioned that there were bombs strapped to her body and she would detonate them any moment.

The pilot not taking any risk then decided to return the flight to Kolkata.

According to reports, on Saturday the flight took off at arround 9:57. An hour later, the flight informed the air traffic controller (ATC) about the shocking incident that it was returning to Kolkata due to the bomb threat.

An emergency landing was done and full alert was declared by the ATC at 11 pm. The plane was taken to the isolation bay at 11:46 pm after it landed at Kolkata airport.

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