Air travel still the safest: Delhi airport CEO amid COVID surge

COVID-19 cases continued to surge in the country and the preparations are underway at Delhi airport to fight the 2nd wave. Delhi Airport CEO, Videh Kumar Jaipuriar said, "Air travel is still the safest. Passengers have to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. To measure effectiveness of sanitisation of different surfaces, we have a machine called 'Luminometer', it measures the amount of ATP (an enzyme found in any living matter) on any surface. If virus/bacteria load on a surface is high it'll show up. We've ensured that the double-filtered fresh air is introduced inside the Terminal-3 every 10 minutes. Disinfection of surfaces is being done using UV technology." The COVID-19 precautionary measures were followed at the airport. Passengers followed social distancing, wore masks to combat spread of the virus.