Air Pollution Might Put You At A Risk Of Kidney Damage: 5 Other Side Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

Shreya Suresh Kumar
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Air Pollution Might Put You At A Risk Of Kidney Damage: 5 Other Side Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health

A recent study suggested that air pollution might put you at a higher risk of kidney damage and several more health hazards.

Air pollution is a serious concern these days. In metropolitan cities, where air pollution levels are high there is a constant worry about one’s health. In a recent study, it was found out that air pollution, however high or low in levels might damage a person’s kidney. Even if you inhale only small particulate matter present in the air, it can still do enough damage to your kidneys and might also put you at a risk of chronic kidney diseases. Now kidney damage is just one of the many health problems . There are several health problems that can happen only because of air pollution. Life expectancy can reduce, there can be cardiovascular issues and other health problems as well. The harmful air that you breathe goes through your lungs to your blood and then it finally reaches the kidneys. And that’s how slowly with time, kidneys are affected. Here are the 5 other side effects of air pollution on health. ALSO READ Delhi Pollution: Measures to protect yourselves from harmful effects of smog

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Air pollution might increase the risk of your asthama. If you already have respiratory problems, air pollution might only make it worse.

People living in cities that are highly polluted might also have increased risk of cancer. If your city has high levels of pollution, you might want to consider moving out for the sake of your health.

Another very commonly seen health problem because of air pollution is wheezing and coughing. Most city people have this problem and there is no solution to it except for be on medicines.

Air pollution also gives rise to heart problems. There have been several case of heart issues that have been associated to air pollution. The higher the level of particle the more the risk.

If you have noticed that you fall ill too often, then you can blame the pollution in your city for that. Air pollution messes with your immune system and makes you weak. It also affects reproductive systems.

And most importantly, it is not just humans who get affected, Both animals and aqua life are largely affected because of pollution. The hazardous air that is released due to burning of fossil fuels has killed so many animals.

The only thing as a citizen that one can do is to be more responsible towards the environment. Do not add to the pollution in any way because it is your health that is at risk.