AIMIM neta spews venom; Incites and calls for violence; Owaisi will not condemn hate speech?

Hate mongering neta that is linked to the AIMIM, in a secular and democratic India, a call to behead those who are against Islam and hate Prophet Mohammad has marked a massive controversy. AMU student and AIMIM leader Farhan Zuberi incited and called for violence amid protest against the French President. He, however, remained defiant and brazened it out when Times Now confronted over his hate. He believes that he did not say anything that was problematic and wrong and that Muslims in the country are only targeted. He, in a protest, stated that if anyone insults Prophet Mohammat, ‘we’ will separate his head from his body. People who were a part of the same protest agreed to his statement and did not condemn the hate speech.