Aim to develop creative, critical thinking abilities: No school bag, let’s talk; says CBSE

Indore: The students of CBSE schools will now enjoy a No Bag Day/Zero Period/Activity Hour every week. This has been prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in its latest programme. Not just this, they will solve problems about their life, family, surroundings and issues in this special time. This programme will be for students from class VII to X.

The CBSE announced Creative and Critical Thinking (CCT) Weekly Practice Programme to enhance critical and creative thinking and to generate curiosity among students to help them understand real life situations.

Through this programme, CBSE would share a set of five questions every week with teachers and students, which will not be related to the syllabus.

CTT means…

* Asking questions in classrooms, which are connected to real life to build curiosity among students

* Facilitating discussions among students to build skills of collaboration and problem solving

* Engaging parents and community at large in students’ learning process

How teachers will use CCT?

* To engage students: The teacher can use these questions at the beginning of a class to make students curious about the topic that will be taught in class or has already been taught and to engage them in discussions.

* Independent work for students: Students can be asked to attempt these questions as homework in consultation with their friends and family. The solutions can be discussed the next day or at the end of the week as per the convenience of teachers.

* Activities during the No Bag Day/Zero Period/Activity Hour etc: These questions can be used in the form of an activity on the No Bag Day or a special period like the Activity Hour or Zero Period wherein teachers will make students to help each other in solving problems.

Indore’s take: CCT for happier children

“Creative thinking ability is a part of holistic development, which is essential for a child to learn and grow today. These abilities that will help them solve real-life problems and thus make them happy. Creative thinking abilities also help a child to concentrate more, relax and score well. Many schools have proper counselling centres but such a class is a good idea.”

Siddharth Singh, school principal


“Real life situations are different. How can we make our life happier is the basic concept that child will learn as a result of this activity. Students will find a way to solutions. It is going to help them solve real-life problems, which is an essential lesson for every human being.”

Jaydep Kar, CBSE helpline counsellor