AIIMS Mess Worker Dies of Covid-19, RDA Alleges Precaution Lapse

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A mess worker at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi has succumbed to coronavirus. The AIIMS Resident Doctors Association wrote a letter to the institute's Director on Friday, saying: "A mess worker from RPC canteen died of Covid-19."

The RDA in the letter alleged that the hostel section refused to take precautionary measures as demanded by the RDA more than a month ago.

The RDA also alleged that the hostel superintendent tried to present the death of the mess worker as a case of probable cardiac event.

The RDA has demanded the resignation of the hostel superintendent and the senior warden for the incident.

"We also demand testing of all mess workers and residents after diligent contact tracing, and compensation for the grieving family of the mess worker who was serving us during the pandemic," the letter said.

Speaking to IANS, a source said, "AIIMS is not taking proper precautions for its residents and staff. Two months ago, we had demanded regular screening and other safety measures like thermal scanner, sanitisers, masks etc. to ensure mess workers are able to work safely without endangering themselves as well as the staff members. But the administration didn't pay heed to our demands."