AIFF, I-League row: India coach Stimac calls for better communication

Rajdeep Saha

AIFF, I-League row: India coach Stimac calls for better communication

24 May 2019: AIFF, I-League row: India coach Stimac calls for better communication

At the moment there is no respite between AIFF and I-League clubs.

The issues have continued for a long time and solutions haven't been on the offing.

The situation regarding the future roadmap of Indian football is the main talking point with the AIFF putting the Indian Super League on top of the structure.

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Lack of talks: Several I-League clubs had withdrawn from the Super Cup

The I-League clubs are miffed with the AIFF after having received no communication from AIFF's part.

In March, several I-League clubs withdrew from the Super Cup which in turn left AIFF in a lurch.

They had written a letter back in February to AIFF highlighting the issues, but the problems remained unaddressed.

Many felt that it was wrong from AIFF's part.

Reasons: Why did the I-League clubs withdraw from the Super Cup?

Majority of the clubs stood united after raising issues with the AIFF via a letter.

Earlier, they had submitted four major points in the letter. They were, 1) No clarity about the I-League and its future. 2) No response to the letter written on February 18. 3) Increasing difficulty to find financial sponsors and 4) Lack of agenda at grass root level.

Fact: Everything can be sorted if we communicate: Indian coach

India men's team football coach Igor Stimac called for better communication. "We are allowed to dream. But hard work needs to be put along with that dream. There are certain problems between leagues, organisation. Everything can be sorted if we communicate."

I-League: Any conflict is not helping, says Stimac

Stimac feels that the conflict is not helping the situation at the moment.

"I-League has something that ISL can't have - tradition. You can't buy tradition. The ISL is more competitive stuff. I-League is where the young players are. It's good for me. I am not going to say how it will work. But my opinion will be there. Any conflict is not helping."

Fact: The AIFF must stop being bullish: Our take

The AIFF must stop being bullish and rather hear out the I-League clubs. The head body should come up with a proper plan and structure to solve the crisis. Dialogues are the way forward and the AIFF must listen to the queries for bringing solutions.