In AIADMK drama, knights slay their own bishop, queen to fall soon

Dinakaran has allegedly decided to resign after communicating with Sasikala at Parapanna Agrahara, who will follow his decision soon.

"Everything has gone haywire, they were to wait for two days. It was inappropriate for them as ministers to do so," complained a senior leader from TTV Dinakaran's camp.

Continuing the tradition of making big decisions and announcing them late night, AIADMK ministers headed by Jayakumar announced their plan to "listen to the people" and "removing Sasikala's family from the party".

CV Shanmugam, the man who called "Chinnamma" Sasikala as 'VeeraThai (Warrior mother) and 'Thyagathin thiru uruvam', (epitome of sacrifice) was the second to agree to that notion only to be followed by SP Velumani, Vaithiyalingam, etc.

After a three-hour discussion, the decision was made to remove TTV Dinakaran. When asked if Sasikala will also be removed, Jayakumar sternly said 'yes'. So essentially, the death bells for the Mannargudi family's venture into politics, was rung by Dinakaran's own knights.

Allegedly it was the 'Hand of IT (Income Tax)' factor that shook the ministers' who were clearly convinced that Dinakaran can't save them from the centre's wrath.

"Who is Sukesh Chandra? You think Dinakaran is dumb enough to make a deal with a known convict. We know this is a setup. We had to do what we had to do," said one AIADMK leader who nodded his head for the merger.

Much embarrassment awaited TTV Dinakaran at his home, so he summoned as many MLAs they can find to come to his home and show his strength. Apparently, that plan flopped as well since the MLAs had had a day long tour in INS Chennai and were allegedly tired. Even after 11pm, only 6 MLAs turned up.

"Many MLAs were not in a position to talk after 11pm. TASMAC is to blamed", alleged one of TTV's aides. Dinakaran then cancelled the press meet and went to sleep by 1 am.

April 19th was not soft on him as well. Arrangements were made to call the MLAs to AIADMK HQ by 3am, but many refused and the plan was dropped.

In the meantime, serious developments were occurring within EPS camp. Palanisamy, the man who has now tasted the CM's chair, was not ready to give it up easily, causing more worry to the Income Tax Department fearing ministers. EPS had allegedly agreed to give the General Secretary post and the Finance portfolio to OPS but wanted to hold on to his chief ministerial chair.

But team OPS says they know how to get him out of the chair.

Dinakaran seems to have softened much as the day has moved. "As I have a responsibility, I'm announcing that the party should not split for any reason. I thank everyone who supported me till now. I will not the be the one to have weakened the party and the government", he tweeted.

Dinakaran has allegedly decided to resign after communicating with Sasikala at Parapanna Agrahara who will follow his decision as well in the near future.

And so by the virtue of "Income Tax", the act which could not be allegedly accomplished by DMK for many years has been completed by Dinakaran's own knights giving a new definition to the , "there is only a thin line between loyalty and betrayal".