Ahead of TED Talks India Premiere, Shah Rukh Khan Hints At A Second Season

Smrity Sharma
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Ahead of TED Talks India Premiere, Shah Rukh Khan Hints At A Second Season

Shah Rukh Khan's excitement about the show is rubbing on to us as well

Not just Shah Rukh Khan fans, but those who have been off watching content on the small screen due to the banality of the shows, have been looking forward to tonight. The superstar, is getting back to the small screen with TED Talks India. A Hindi talk show, that promises to bring to fore life changing ideas from thinkers, inventors and visionaries from the world over. Shah Rukh is excited about hosting a show which is much more than pure information or entertainment. It is inspiration –  to believe in oneself and one’s ideas and to take a step ahead to realise one’s dreams.

Talking to his fans in a casual #AskSRK session on Twitter just a while ago, Khan answered all queries about TED Talks revealing all that we can expect from the show. However, one tweet from him that caught our instant attention was about the second season of the show. A user quizzed SRK, the show’s host who is also loved for his oratory skills, about there being a session on the show where they talk about the art and dos and don’ts of presenting oneself. To this, SRK replied, “If there is a second season we will cover lot more topics. Let’s hope this season is accepted and we can build on it.”

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So while all our eyes are on the show tonight, making our decision to continue watching the next episodes or not, the makers will also be looking closely at the TRPs in the coming days to take a call on the second season. Revealing more about the show, Khan said that hosting TED Talks has been a learning experience for him as well. “I realised that an idea is not big or small it’s actually how it changes people’s life for better that makes it big,” Shah Rukh Khan adding, “not all are not celebrities but their ideas are worth celebrating” and that what TED Talks is all about.

Revealing about the topics covered in the episodes, SRK shared that the show is extremely unique will inspire people through stories of the speakers and help them embrace their own ideas with belief. Teaching kids through volunteer teachers online across the world, women safety, technology and more topics will be covered in the coming days. TED Talks premieres on Star Plus tonight at 7 pm.