Ahead of Sankranti, Cockfight organised in several locations of Krishna district

Machilipatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Jan 14 (ANI): On the eve of Makar Sakranti, many events of cockfights took place in Machilipatnam and surrounding villages on Tuesday.

The cockfight organisers tied razor-sharp knives to the legs of the cocks, while making them fight each-other in a marked area.

Reportedly, some onlookers also placed bets on thes contesting birds, in attempt to earn easy money.

In Krishna district, cockfights were also held at Kolleti Kota village, in Kaikaluru Mandal. (ANI)

The practice was banned in the region by order of the court however despite police patrolling and keen watch, the events are organised in different parts of villages. (ANI)