Ahead of Royal Rumble 2020, Daniel Bryan Says WWE Banned Him from Talking about Environment Issues

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Remember how last year Daniel Bryan was the 'Planet's Champion' albeit a villainous one? Well, it turns out that the wrestling superstar was actually asked by the company to stop talking about the environment in his promos.

The WWE SmackDown superstar, who is back as a babyface and is part of an ongoing rivalry storyline with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, recently, revealed that the company wanted him to stop the gimmick for fear of coming across as political.

According to a report in ringside news, Bryan revealed, in an interaction with My San Antonio, that WWE asked him to stop talking about the environment because it is a political issue.

The report quoted Bryan as having said, "When I was doing the environmental thing, they actually told me to stop talking about the environment because they told me it was a political issue and we don't want to deal with politics."

The wrestler argued that it was not a political issue but rather a scientific issue, adding, "The sciences pretty much prove it." However, he added, "But how you do that in a wrestling format? I have no idea."

Daniel Bryan will be facing 'The Fiend' Daniel Bryan in a strap match at the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble 2020 for the universal championship.