Agra hospital in controversy to be sealed, patients being shifted

Agra (UP), June 09 (ANI): Patients are being shifted from Agra’s Paras Hospital to other hospitals. The district administration on June 8 has taken the decision to seal the hospital after transferring the patients following the death of 22 patients reportedly due to a shortage of oxygen. On the other hand, the hospital management denied that any mock drill had been done to stop oxygen, there were no deaths reported on April 28. Our patient was admitted in Hospital's ICU 2 days ago. He's on oxygen support. Hospital administration has handed over patient's file & asked to take the patient to another hospital. I don't know where to take the patient,” said relative of a patient admitted to Paras Hospital. Our patient was admitted here 15 days ago & there's no improvement in the condition. We have been asked to sign the patient's discharge document in order to receive the file. We don't know where to take patient,” said relative of a patient at Paras Hospital.

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