‘There would be agitations across India if…’: Rahul Gandhi on farm laws

Amid the ongoing farmers’ protest against the Centre’s farm laws, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that a majority of the farmers did not understand the details of the reforms. “The truth is that most farmers do not understand the details of the Bill (the three Farm Laws), because if they did, there would be an agitation all across the country. The country would be on fire,” said Gandhi while addressing a rally at Kerala’s Kalpetta. Referring to an incident from the past, Gandhi pointed out that there had been an attempt to attack the country’s farmers. “We threw out the old British Bill and brought out a brand new Land Acquisition Bill that guaranteed compensation and protection to our farmers. The first thing Narendra Modi ji did when he became PM was to kill this Bill. We fought him in Parliament and stopped him from killing it," he said. Watch the full video for more.