Aggression against Syria to cause 'catastrophic consequences' in region: Deputy FM

Damascus, Dec. 6 (Xinhua-ANI): Any foreign aggression against Syria would have "catastrophic consequences" in the region, and deploying missiles on the Turkish borders with Syria is a " provocative" act, Syria's deputy foreign minister said Thursday.

Faisal Mikdad made the remarks during a televised interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV on Thursday, in which he said that all talks about scenarios of foreign aggression against Syria comes in the framework of "psychological war" and stressed that the cost of any aggression would be "too steep."

He renewed accusation of Turkey and other Arab states of funding and supporting the armed groups in Syria.

The NATO deployment of Patriot missiles on the Turkish borders with Syria is a "provocative act," the deputy minister said.

NATO has recently agreed to the Ankara's request to deploy Patriot missiles along the Turkish borders with Syria under the pretext of protecting Turkey against possible aggression from Syria.

Russia dismissed such move, and reports say Moscow is likely to provide Syria with Iskander Missiles in the face of the U.S. Patriots.

In his interview with al-Manar, Mikdad declined to comment on the Russian desire to give Iskanders to Syria.

On the Lebanese arena, Mikdad called on the Lebanese government to act to prevent "terrorists" from sneaking into Syria. His calls came as more than 21 radical Lebanese fighters were ambushed and killed by the Syrian troops last week while infiltrating into Syria near the border town of Tal Kalakh.

Mikdad meanwhile said the bodies of those fighters will be returned to their families in Lebanon within the next few days.

On the chemical weapons issues, Mikdad repeated his government' s line that Syria will not use them, "if it had them." (Xinhua-ANI)