Africa's Angola and Congo Regions Are Burning More Than Amazon Rainforest Fires Shows NASA's Map of Fires

Team Latestly

After weeks of initial neglect, social media and news headlines are finally onto the fact that Brazil's Amazon rainforest is ablaze. After a lot of awareness on social media, the issue of the Amazon forest fires was even discussed at the G7 Summit. But it seems that more than Amazon, there are extreme fires in Central Africa. The regions of Angola and Congo are severed in fires on a more extreme level than Brazil, shows the fire map of NASA.

A recent data from NASA's Map of fires around the world clearly show that parts of Africa are raging with more fires than that in Amazon. According to data from  Weather Source, there were 6,902 fires in Angola and 3,395 fires in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. While Brazil has about 2,127 fires. The data is from the last 48 hours and it is indeed shocking.  Amazon Rainforest Fire: #PrayForAmazonia Trends on Twitter as Users Call For World's Attention To Wildfires in Brazil.

Check NASA's Map of Fires in Africa: 

More fires in Africa than Brazil (Photo Credits: NASA)

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The map clearly shows the fires in Africa are raging. Soon as the data was released on Twitter, people wondered by there is no attention to the fires in Africa yet. The scale of Brazil's wildfires moved to third in the world, after  Angola and  Congo at the top.  Amazon Rainforest Fires: Indigenous Brazilian Woman Cries in Anger Pointing at Forest Burning Behind Her (Watch Video).

Where is the outcry now?

People mentioned that the cause of fires in Africa is due to crop fires. The farmers slash and burn agriculture to clear land for crops. As per NASA, in the month of June, over 67,000 fires were reported in a just a week, all due to the agricultural fires. The severe raging fires in Brazil got everyone talking about the reasons and who is to be blamed. The cause here may be different, but the scale of damage and deforestation here is just as much. If the Amazon rainforest is burning severely so are the forests in Africa.