'Afghanistan, US should consider Pak as enemy not ally'

Washington, Nov 16 (ANI): A Professor at King's College with extensive knowledge about Pakistan, has said Afghanistan and its partner, the United States, should consider Islamabad "as an enemy" till the end of the Afghan war.

Following the assassination of Afghanistan's High Peace Council chair and its former President Burhanuddin Rabbani, the country's President Hamid Karazai was left with not much choice but to adopt a peace negotiation process with a pragmatic view.

Karzai had said that Afghanistan will no longer consider peace negotiations with the Taliban, but will hold direct talks with Taliban's mentor in Pakistan.

It might be one of the most realistic policies that has ever emerged from Afghanistan's current presidency, but if historical facts are to be believed, negotiating with Pakistan in the hopeof bringing long lasting peace to Afghanistan requires more than superior diplomatic skills, The examiner reports.

Many diplomats say that given the nature of Pakistan's military leadership, which converges in all its aspects and elements with a Jihadi complex, it would be difficult for Washington and Kabul to achieve a significant settlement with tactics that employ mild diplomatic language.ven Pakistan advocate Anatol Lieven, a professor at King's College London, who had spent over four years living in Pakistan and researching its government's behavior, is not keen about Afghanistan's decision to trust Pakistan.

"If Washington wishes to improve relations with Pakistan, it needs to stop regarding Pakistan as an ally, and to start regarding it as an enemy, at least as far as the Afghan War is concerned," he added.

Although Lieven's view is useful, it is still unclear whether the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House views Pakistan as an enemy or as a failed state. Either way, the N.S.C. is in an awkward position as the erosion of Pakistan's reputation, among the American people, and the US' international allies, undermines any policy that tries to conjure up Pakistan as an ally. (ANI)