Afghan Sikhs share horrific experience after escaping Taliban terror

New Delhi, July 26 (ANI): Nidan Singh, the Afghan Sikh who was kidnapped a month ago in Afghanistan and released recently, arrived in Delhi on July 26 along with his family and a delegation of Afghan Sikhs. Several among them shared their horrific experience. An Afghan Sikh said, “I was tied to a tree and beaten. They used to beat me, asked me to become a Muslim. They used to force us to say that we are Indian spy.” Nidan Singh shared his experience and said, “Their thinking is so small, not everyone is bad there but majority is not good. We were called ‘Kafirs’.” Nidan Singh was kidnapped last month from a Gurdwara in Afghanistan and was released by his captor few days ago. 11 Afghan Sikhs, including Nidan, have been given short-term visa by Indian Embassy.