Afghan film maker showcases animation films at Film Festival in Delhi

New Delhi, Mar. 9 (ANI): An Afghan filmmaker showcased two animation films at Women's film Festival organized by the India chapter of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) to mark International Women's Day in capital New Delhi.

The animated films 'The Reel' and 'The Play on Play', directed by Lajaward Haqiqi, have earned accolades in Afghanistan.

The event showcased an exciting selection of 60 films and sound works from South Asia, USA and ASEAN countries including Afghanistan.

Haqiqi feels Afghanistan has potential in producing some good films.

"My experience from this film festival is that we have also very good films in Afghanistan as I see in this festival may be you have some better films from Afghan women but I found just a big difference here is the good space to show the film and security. No one is afraid to go out to watch a film in festivals but the difference is that in our film festivals in Afghanistan they have, because of the security people are afraid as there was an explosion in a theater. The space for working in art film is very limited," said, Lajaward Haqiqi, a Film Director.

Women folk have been neglected in Afghanistan by the Taliban. However, the Afghan women look forward to express their ideas, creativity and to broaden their network.

"My message to Afghan women is if they have some ideas to do to work on, it is very much possible. They are very talented and if they struggle they can do what they want," said Haqiqi.

The 11th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival has in recent years become a much awaited event in Delhi's cultural calendar bringing a rich and diverse collection of films to the city.

"This is the celebration of women's creativity and we feel there is a way that women bring their own perspective on any topic . You may be looking at a film wondering if it is made by women, people do not think about the topic but the female gaze. There is no message as such it is basically a celebration of the diversity and the richness of the work that the women are doing and it's our way of marking international Women's day every year," said Anupama Srinivasan, a Freelance Film maker and Festival Director of IAWRT Asia.

There are few filmmakers in Afghanistan who have shown courage to produce documentary and animation films. With the change in security situation, more talented women will come forward. By Neelapu Shanti(ANI)