PTI is recommending to its subscribers the following exclusive and special stories on May 18, Monday as part of our continuing coverage of the COVID-19 crisis: RAMPUKAR-HOSPITAL-FAMILY -- DEL51 New Delhi: Labourer Rampukar Pandit, whose mournful face became emblematic of the tragedy faced by poor migrants currently, has been shifted to a hospital in Begusarai district of Bihar, where he met his wife and nine-year-old daughter from a distance.

VIRUS-IIT-LOCKDOWN -- DEL31 New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here has come up with a data science driven identification and mitigation framework for implementing state-by-state lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, suggesting that Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are at the highest risk.

DL-LOCKDOWN-MIGRANTS -- DEL97 New Delhi: Hariram Chaudhary lost his mother five days ago and is impatient to return home in Bihar. He has slept for barely two hours since Sunday morning and has had nothing except 'murmura' (puffed rice).

MIGRANT-STATION-QUEUES-- DEL50 New Delhi: Half his salary spent on an auto from Gurgaon, Sukra Kundla has been standing in a queue outside the New Delhi Railway Station for two days just to register for a train ticket back home to Assam.

MIGRANT-LD MOTHER-BUS -- DEL106 Gurgaon: Tears blurring her vision, Raji Devi watched the bus carrying migrant workers to Uttar Pradesh drive into the distance and turned to her son to say she just wants to be home and never wants to see a big city again.

MH-LOCKDOWN-HELP-MIGRANTS -- BOM2 Pune: In a novel gesture, a 30-year-old auto-rickshaw driver, who saved Rs 2 lakh for his marriage but postponed the ceremony due to the lockdown, is now using the money to feed migrant labourers and those in distress on Pune streets.

VIRUS-US-INDIANS -- FGN34 Houston: Thousands of Indians, including students, stranded in the US for weeks due to the COVID-19 related travel restrictions, are urging the government to operate additional flights to evacuate them and add more departure cities like Houston and Dallas with sizeable Indian population.

WB-LOCKDOWN-FILMS -- CES4 Kolkata: With YouTube replacing big screens during the ongoing lockdown, Bengali film director Nandita Roy's short film 'Kajol Mashi' is a tribute to house maids and people like peons, drivers and others 'who are our constant support system'. PTI KJ KJ