PTI is recommending to its subscribers the following exclusive and special stories on May 23, Saturday as part of our continuing coverage of the COVID-19 crisis: VIRUS-DRUGS TRIAL-REMDESIVIR -- DEL31 New Delhi: With a vaccine still a long distance away, efforts to repurpose old medications used for other ailments provide hope of an early counter to COVID-19, say scientists, placing the antiviral remdesivir on top of the list of possible contenders.

VIRUS-LOCKDOWN-VIROLOGIST -- DEL9 New Delhi: The nationwide lockdown will no longer help India in its fight against COVID-19, and in its place community-driven containment, isolation and quarantine strategies have to be brought into play, leading virologist Shahid Jameel said.

VIRUS-VACCINE-EXPERTS -- DEL32 New Delhi: As Indian firms scramble to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, experts feel that research in the country is still at a nascent stage and any concrete breakthrough is not likely within a year.

MP-CM-INTERVIEW -- DEL15 New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Tablighi Jamaat members aided in the spread of coronavirus infection in the state particularly in Indore and Bhopal, and chided them for not acting 'responsibly'.

MIGRANTS-HOME-LD STRUGGLE -- DEL46 New Delhi: Carrying a sack full of belongings and a backpack on their shoulders, daily wager Mohammed Sunny and his friend Mohammed Danish are determined to reach home in Bihar's Araria district for Eid, facing all odds stacked up against them.

MIGRANTS-FAMILY-CYCLE -- DEL11 New Delhi: They walked, the parents, wife and children a cluster on the move while he wheeled a cycle with jerry cans and bundles loaded on – and his 12-year-old differently abled daughter cradled in a cloth sack tied to the side.

DL-SHELTER HOME-VOLUNTEER -- DES8 New Delhi: Ajit Lochin Mishra came to Yamuna Sports Complex last month hoping to return to his native place in Jharkhand, but after seeing the condition of other migrant workers he decided to stay back and enrolled as a volunteer at the shelter home.

DL-LOCKDOWN-EID -- DES15 New Delhi: 'Eid is a festival of love and hugging your friends and neighbours, but now you cannot even shake hands due to coronavirus' says Old Delhi resident Akram Quereshi, summing up the sombre mood ahead of one of the main festivals of the country.

MH-VIRUS-PETS -- BES1 Pune: Dog lovers in Maharashtra's Pune city have come to the rescue of pets, especially dogs of foreign breeds, who have been abandoned by their owners over misplaced fears of contracting coronavirus infection from them. PTI KJ