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PTI is recommending to its subscribers the following exclusive and special stories on May 17, Sunday as part of our continuing coverage of the COVID-19 crisis: VIRUS-LDALL JAILS -- DEL84 Jaipur/Chennai: The coronavirus outbreak in jails with Jaipur accounting for a large chunk has sparked worries of new cluster cases, as authorities released thousands of prisoners on parole or bail to decongest crowded prisons in the country to try halt the spread of the infection in closed settings.

LD AMARINDER-INTERVIEW -- DEL132 New Delhi: Around 10 lakh jobs have been lost in Punjab and the state is set to lose a whopping Rs 50,000 crore this year due to the coronavirus lockdown, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said on Sunday while hinting at some 'tough measures' for revenue generation.

PHOTOGRAPH-RAMPUKAR-LIFE -- DEL22 New Delhi: Rampukar Pandit, who became a snapshot of India’s migrant tragedy with his photograph speaking on the phone on a Delhi roadside, is back in Bihar, broken at not being able to meet his son before he died and despairing about the future.

LOCKDOWN-MIGRANTS-ACCIDENTS -- DEL15 New Delhi: Hit-and-runs, collisions and even a train speeding down the tracks have killed scores of migrants since the lockdown began and injured many more making a perilous journey home along roads that are empty, winding and seemingly endless.

BIZ-LOCKDOWN-GADKARI-MIGRANTS -- DEL63 New Delhi: At a time when the trauma of migrant workers are coming to the fore amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown, Union minister Nitin Gadkari has said 'decentralisation of cities' and development of far-flung areas are solutions to address the crisis faced by them.

LOCKDOWN-LD SEX WORKERS -- DEL36 New Delhi: Over 60 per cent of Delhi's sex workers have returned to their home states due to loss of means of livelihood in view of the ongoing lockdown, a forum working with the sex workers said.

DL-LOCKDOWN-MIGRANTS-GHAZIPUR -- DEL90 New Delhi: Vijay Kumar, a jobless factory worker, waited for hours along with his wife and two children under a flyover at Ghazipur, hoping to get a bus to his home town Sitapur after police stopped them at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border on Sunday.

VIRUS-POTTERS-WOES -- DES11 Gurgaon: Rukma Devi spends her day sitting on the roadside with earthen pots and piggy banks lined up on a folding table, desperately waiting for customers that never come.

DL-STATION-LABOURER-DISTRESS -- DES3 New Delhi: Rakesh Ram fractured his left leg a year and half ago in an accident at his village in Bihar's Chhapra district. The doctors implanted a 12-inch rod in his leg for proper alignment during healing.

LOCKDOWN-LD RAMZAN -- DES17 New Delhi: The nationwide lockdown had ensured this year's Ramzan was going to be like no other in living memory -- no iftaar parties, no meeting with friends, no late night shopping, no prayers at mosques. But many devout Muslims are appreciative the lockdown has helped them stay true to the spirit of the holy month.

JK-NETPRENEURS -- DES29 Srinagar: Many online businesses in Kashmir are on the verge of closing down as high speed internet remains suspended.

AN-VIRUS FREE-DGP -- CAL3 Port Blair: Aggressive policing ensured that lockdown norms were strictly followed in Andamans that has become COVID-free after all 33 coronavirus patients recovered, a top police officer said.

WB-VIRUS NURSES -- CAL5 Kolkata: The healthcare sector in Bengal is staring at a major crisis as over 300 nurses have quit their jobs at private hospitals here and left for their homes in Manipur and other parts of the country amid spurt in COVID-19 cases.

VIRUS-ISRAEL-INDIANS -- FGN5 Jerusalem: Out of work and almost broke amid a raging COVID-19 pandemic, many Indians working as caregivers in Israel have heaved a sigh of relief at the eagerly-awaited announcement that a special Air India flight will operate on May 25 to bring back Indian nationals stranded in the country. PTI KJ RT RT