Advised by tantric, couple in Bihar sacrifices 12-year-old kid to become parents

A couple from Jehanabad in Bihar, sacrificed their neighbour's 12-year-old son as a part of sacrifice.

Unable to conceive, a couple from Jehanabad in Bihar, sacrificed a 12-year-old kid and dumped his body in their backyard.

Sushma Devi, resident of Nadiyawan village, has been married for five years ago but has not been able to conceive. Depressed, the couple went to a female tantric named Sangeeta Devi in the nearby village for advice. After few months, Sushma conceived. The next time she went to the tantric for advice, Sangeeta was advised to offer human sacrifice for a healthy child.

Sushma and her husband on April 12, lured and abducted their neighbour's 12-year-old kid and took him to an isolated place outside the village. The couple first tonsured the kid's head and then killed him. They later hid the kid's body behind their house under heap of garbage.

The child's anxious parents started hunting for their son but to no avail, and later registered a missing FIR in the local police station. After a few days, as the kid's body began to decompose, there was a foul smell that emanated which guided the locals to Sangeeta's house. The kid's body was recovered from under the heap of garbage and later sent for post mortem.

"I was advised by the tantric to offer human sacrifice for becoming mother. I was going through phase of depression and therefore killed the boy," said Sangeeta Devi, the accused.

Sangeeta, her husband and the tantric couple have now been arrested on charges of murder.

"We have arrested four persons in the case and the crime is related to human sacrifice. Further investigations are going on in this case", said Aditya Kumar, Jahanabad SP.