WHO advise on when not to wear a mask made from cloth

Vikash Aiyappa
·1-min read

New Delhi, June 08: The World Health Organisation has said that face masks made from cloth should not be used in places where social distancing norms are not followed.

In settings where physical distancing cannot be achieved and an increased risk of invention and or negative outcomes exist, then a medical mask should be preferred over a fabric one, the WHO said.

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In an advisory, the WHO also said that anyone who is above the age of 60 or those with pre-existing health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, lung disease, diabetes, cancer of other underlying co-morbidities, must wear only a medical mask for their own protection.

While masks made from cloth can be used for activities such as public transport, their use should always be accompanied by frequent hand hygiene and physical distancing, the WHO also said.

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