Adventures in Art comes to India

For an art aficionado, the chance to visit a private gallery, view a never-before seen collection of an artist or even a meeting with the artist themselves, is perhaps a Utopian dream. It's a dream that Karen Stone Talwar has  realised and turned into a reality.

Karen Stone Talwar calls herself “a student of the world”, having travelled extensively as a child.  As an adult, Talwar has managed to combine her two passions, art and travel. Thus was born, Adventures in Art. Married to an Indian, Pavan K. Talwar, her love for all things Indian started early on. A honeymoon in the subcontinent, with a trip to the homes of artists Laxma Goud and Thota Vaikuntam, were her first introduction to the world of Indian art.

Despite being an Art History major, Talwar’s knowledge of Indian artists was somewhat limited. Her learning and understanding of Indian art began when she opened the USA operation for Bodhi Art. “Although I was an Art History student in the United States in the 80's, I never heard of M.F. Husain, or S. H. Raza. Now through my Indian education, I have had the great fortune of meeting many, being in their homes and spending time with them.

Adventures in Art

Years of experience later, Talwar started Adventures in Art in 2011. “After my decade in the Indian Art world, I decided to start Adventures in Art. The trips will travel throughout the world, Paris, New York and Art Basel Switzerland. Yet, it was a natural for me to have my inaugural trip in Delhi at the Art Fair. I love India, am proud to have an Indian name and proud to have a career in art.”

For a sum of $8,000 per person, excluding airfare, Talwar offers ten people the opportunity of a lifetime with a promised hassle-free experience. Those who take this tour, get a chance to not only experience unique artwork, private collections and galleries but also meet and interact with the artists themselves all the while experiencing the subcontinent in luxury. This celebration of Indian Art will take place in New Delhi from January 22- 27 part of the India Art Fair, an annual affair in the capital, now in its fourth year running.