Adrian Sky Signs With SB Global Label, Preps Debut Release With Music Executive Rel Carter

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America is currently full of aspiring rappers hard at work on their next music release. Unfortunately most of them are missing some of the key elements necessary to create success. Adrian Sky has all of these elements and more.

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On the heels of a brand new EP release, Sky has positioned himself in a space traditionally designated for hip hop’s ‘next in line’ heir to the throne. Complete with undeniable talent, distribution thru Equity Distro by way of music label SB Global and the official stamp from Rel Carter, Sky is on his way to a breakthrough most MC’s dream of.

Discovered by SB Global, Adrian Sky uses his music to deliver authentic messages of loss, vulnerability and self doubt, inviting his listeners into a world that’s sincere more then it is brazen.

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Rel Carter, former Director of A&R for Roc Nation and current Director of artist relations for Equity distribution, has extended a once in a lifetime alleyoop for the young MC by presenting his debut EP, providing the ultimate opportunity for him to make a significant splash.

Awaiting departure is available everywhere March 31st courtesy of SB Global.