Adorable! Toddler Practising Classical Music with Father in Surat is Winning Heats Online

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Among the magnitude of gore and death rate news which have been common in recent times, cute and funny videos of kids, pets have been a big help to cope with innumerable lockdowns and other social restrictions in place due to the pandemic. Videos of kids going out and about or trying to emulate someone have always been able to spread cheer and have a shareable tendency.

One such video of a toddler attempting to sing a classical song has not only gone viral, it has earned the adorable little one with a lot of praise too. The undated video clip posted in three parts on the micro blogging site Twitter, features Tanhaji Jadhav and his adorable three-year-old son practising natya sangeet – a popular form of vocal music in Maharashtra which is often used to tell stories.

The video shows the father-son duo who reside in Surat practising natya sangeet. The father who can be seen singing and playing the harmonium prods his son to attempt the lines of a song. While the boy attempts his best to match his father, it’s the flow and the way he was encouraging his son to sing along that has earned them praise on social media.

The mini dem-lecture-concert video has since gone viral and has garnered three and a half lakh times views, with over four and a half thousand retweets, twenty thousand plus likes and over six hundred user comments. Many delighted users have appreciated the duo’s efforts, especially the boy’s singing skills.

One user, while appreciating the boy’s efforts, commented, “This guy is singing so effortlessly,”while also emphasising on the Natya Sangeet which is one of the most difficult forms of music to learn.

One user said, the boy will grow up to be a great singer.

While another user was bowled over the boy’s commitment, he appreciated the boy’s aptitude innocence and dedication.