Adnan Sami: Paksitan Doesn’t Value Its Artistes, Whereas India Have Loved And Embraced Pakistani Artistes Entertainment Desk
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Adnan Sami: Paksitan Doesn’t Value Its Artistes, Whereas India Have Loved And Embraced Pakistani Artistes

Adnan Sami talks about Pakistan's ill-treatment of its artistes and how he struggled in the country.

Adnan Sami, who made his move to India from Pakistan official only 3 years ago, spoke of the struggles he faced as an artiste in Pakistan, claiming the country does not value its artistes. In an interview with Mid Day, the singer voiced out the struggles he faced in the country and even being bullied by social media users there.

Adnan told the leading daily, “Pakistan doesn’t value its artistes. I will get trolled for what I have said, but, that is the reality. It is unfortunate. Pakistan never valued Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab until English songwriter Peter Gabriel started collaborating with him. After that, the country suddenly realised that it has an amazing talent. This is the story of a lot of artistes there.”

Sami spoke of how he was denied Pakistani citizenship a month before he procured Indian nationality, after a decade long struggle to confirm his Indian citizenship. “The way the Pak government treated me is only testimony to the ill-treatment meted out to artistes. There was outrage against me. People were amazed that I had applied for citizenship in India. I don’t give a damn about getting trolled. I have earned immense respect and love in India.”

Talking about the country failing to condemn terror attacks when the artistes would do so, the singer said, “When Indians have loved and embraced Pakistani artistes, why can’t the latter come out in their support when injustice has been meted out to the people? No one wants these artistes to wage a war against their government. People didn’t demand that they condemn their own country. They just expected them to say something for the sake of humanity.”

Meanwhile, Sami will be seen performing live for the first time in India, for a charitable event. “It is surprising that I have never performed live here. I am happy that with one performance, I will be able to educate so many kids. I will always be proud of this.”