'Admire Your Chutzpah': Anand Mahindra Trolls Man Who Asked Him for Car on B'day


When it comes to witty repartees on twitter, Anand Mahindra is unbeatable. Be it promoting local talent or encouraging innovation and creativity, Mahindra's Twitter feed is one pure gold.

And now the businessman has done it once again by giving an apt response to someone who asked him to gift him a car on his birthday.

A tweep named Vipul recently took to the microblogging site and wrote, "Sir.. Big fan of yours. Can you gift me a Mahindra Thar on my bday..."

In his classic style, Mahindra responses, "Word lesson of the day: CHUTZPAH" He then went on to explain the word. "Extreme self-confidence or audacity (usually used approvingly)," Mahindra wrote.

Then, like all dictionaries, Mahindra used the word in a sentence to better explain: "love him or hate him, you have to admire Vipul’s chutzpah. Full marks for chutzpah, Vipul, but unfortunately I can’t say yes."

He added, "Mera dhanda band ho jaega" (My business will shut down).

With over seven million followers on Twitter, Mahindra is probably one of the most "hep" businessmen in India. Apart from being the Chairman of Mahindra Group, he also acts as a philanthropist on social media, often helping out those in dire need.