Adityanath Cabinet Gives Nod to Slash Salaries of MLAs by 30%, Transfer Sum to UP Covid-Care Fund

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh cabinet decided on Thursday to slash the salaries of MLAs and ministers, including that of CM, by 30% and suspend the MLA funds for one year. The money will be transferred to the UP COVID-Care Fund instead.

An estimate of Rs 1, 509 crore is expected to be saved by suspending the MLA funds.

The decision was taken during a meeting that was presided by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday. Besides, an ordinance was approved by the cabinet to amend the Contingency Fund, 1951 in order to increase the size of the fund to Rs 1, 200 crore from the existing 600 crore rupees.

“In a key decision taken by the state cabinet, the salaries of Chief Minister, Ministers and MLAs will be slashed by 30%. This will help us save Rs 17.50 crore. The will be sent to the UP Covid Care Fund in order to strengthen our fight against the coronavirus pandemic,” Finance Minister Suresh Khanna told News18.

Khanna added that as per the current infrastructure, a minister in the state gets around Rs 1.10 lakh per month, which includes a salary of Rs 40,000, constituency allowance of Rs 50,000 and secretarial allowance of Rs 20,000. Meanwhile, an MLA in UP gets Rs 95,000 rupees, including a salary of Rs 25,000, constituency allowance of Rs 50,000 rupees and secretarial allowance of 20,000 rupees,” he said.

The Yogi Adityanath-led UP government will be take the ordinance route to amend the Uttar Pradesh Ministers (Salaries, Allowances and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act and the Uttar Pradesh State Legislature (Members’ Emoluments and Pension) Act to execute the plan.

The state currently consists of 56 ministers, including the Chief Minister, two deputy CMs, cabinet ministers, ministers of state and ministers independent charge. The UP Legislative Assembly has 403 MLA and Legislative Council houses 100 members, the funds for each of the legislator is around Rs 3 crore annually, which will now be suspended.